Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Take your 4G Internet with you Anywhere with CLEAR

A colleague showed me this nifty little product that allows him to have 4G internet access where ever he goes.  It used to be called Rover, but as of July 1st, the name changed to CLEAR

Looking for a free Wi-Fi hot spot sometimes is difficult to do.  Whether you need 4G speed at home, or when you're out and about on business, CLEAR has the ideal way for you to access it, at an affordable price.  Plus you can have up to 8 devices connected with the Rover Puck!  

They have various types of wireless devices to utilize such as Clear Spots (the Rover Puck shown below), USB drives and Home Modems.

Data plans start at $20/month and they have unlimited data for $49.95.  Now that's a bargain for 4G access!

You don't have to search for that coffee shop, McDonald's or Taco Bell to find your hot spot.  
Check out their coverage plans to be sure they can provide service in your neck of the woods.

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