Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NY Times reports Salvation Army Bell Ringers now accept mobile payments via Square

I heard about some very entrepreneurial Girl Scout Troops in California taking credit cards for payment when they go door-to-door or sell at the grocery stores.  They "charge it!" simply using a smartphone and Square, a small device that attaches to a smartphone.  Simply swipe - and that's it!  Yesterday, The New York Times reported that the Salvation Army has also jumped on the mobile payment bandwagon.  Since fewer consumers actually carry cash these days, it made sense for the non-profit to bridge that gap.  So don't be surprised if you go to your favorite retail stores this holiday season and the bell ringer says they now accept credit cards.  Everyone has the ability to accept credit cards, from anywhere.  Think of all the home-based businesses that would enjoy the ease and convenience of taking credit cards for payment.  Mobile payment just keeps getting better and better!
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