Thursday, July 14, 2011

Walgreens Mobile App Makes it a Snap to Refill your Prescriptions

I just downloaded the Walgreens Mobile App for my phone today.   It's available for the iPhone, Droid and Blackberry phones.  What I like is the simplicity to get the app itself.  Once you go to their mobile page, it provides the information you need about the app and provides instructions on how to download the app, based on the type of phone you have.  I took the easy path.  I sent a text to APP to 21525 and immediately received a text back with the short URLs to access the iPhone, Droid or Blackberry app.  I clicked on the Droid link - was brought to the download page within the Droid Market and within seconds, had the app on my phone.  That was pretty easy.  So now it was time to refill my prescription.  This is the best part!  You click on the Refill icon in your app and it brings up the  barcode reader on your phone so you simply scan the barcode on your prescription bottle.  Voila!  It instantly knows that it's me, what my prescription is, and puts in a default pick-up time for the next day.  I clicked "Done" and immediately received a text confirming my order.  It's the best way to avoid that tedious phone call to the automated system to refill your prescription.

This app just made my interaction with them a snap - the snap of my barcode reader so my order can be completed in literally a few seconds.  Love that!


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