Wednesday, July 13, 2011 Labs Says You Are What You Tweet. So how do I compare to Guy Kawasaki?

Do you ever wonder what your tweets actually say about you?  Or how they compare to a celebrity's tweets, or one of your favorite business book authors?  Well now you can with!

I became an even bigger fan of Guy Kawasaki after I read his latest book, "Enchantment."
I was so enamored with his simple and thoughtful approach to not just delighting customers, but to truly enchant them, I made the book required reading for my Columbia University class, Intro to Marketing/Marketing Management.  Our class was enchanted by him last night, when he was a guest speaker in our class.  

As a business legend, I often wonder why other leaders in the C-Suite don't try to adopt his principles and philosophies.  Heck, just do the right thing by their employees and their customers.  Yet in today's global marketplace, that is not our norm.  

When a colleague showed me's Infographics for Twitter today, I just had to create one for myself.  So who did I pick to compare myself with?  Guy of course!

I think it's a pretty good comparison - and will prove to be insightful to companies who choose to go brand vs brand.  I challenge you to compare your company's twitter handle versus one of your top competitors.  What does it show you? 

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