Friday, April 8, 2011

Companies still try to figure out "their one thing"

I was at a workshop earlier this week and the speaker, Tom Doyle, brought up a scene from the movie "City Slickers" with Jack Palance and Billy Crystal.  "The secret of life is finding the one thing."  When Billy Crystal asks how would he know what the one thing is, Jack says "that's for you to figure out."
Here's that scene from YouTube:

Even today, with all the sophisticated tools and techniques, all the "Web 2.0" savvy people using more ways to get the company's message out there, there is still confusion around what to that message should be.

It's not about throwing the whole bowl of spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. It's about one single message that your customer can wrap their head around.  Sure your business might do everything, but what are you really good at?  What drives the most revenue for your company?

I was behind a truck today on the way to the office and it was for a local Upholstery business.  They highlighted "upholstery" and "furniture repair" - and then went on to say "free initial consultation," "references available" and there wasn't even a URL or phone # on the sign.  Really?  I was behind this truck for 30 minutes and although I could have looked up the company name on my computer once I got to the office (if I was able to remember the name), why would you put all these messages on the back of a track and have no call to action?  Why distract me with with sales messages?  Focus on Upholstery - why is your business the one for me to call?

I challenge your business to highlight and focus on the 1 thing you do very well.  Can you articulate it? Or does it have to be in the one paragraph, 30 second elevator speech?

Nail what it is that you do best and continue to drive your revenues.   You will be able to upsell or cross-sell your other products and services.  Just get them in the door first.

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